High Performance NAG1 Transmission Kit

High Performance NAG1 Transmission Kit


2005-2014 Chrysler LX/LC below 550 rwhp

2006-2013 Jeep SRT8 below 475 rwhp

Porsche w/722.6 auto transmission below 500 rwhp

Mercedes w/ 722.6 auto transmission below 500 rwhp

NAG1 Transmission Kit Includes:

  • Stage II Valve body
  • Mercedes AMG clutches and steels for the problematic clutch packs. Reverse not included.
    • (NOT Chrysler (made in China crap) …these are the real deal.
  • Mercedes gasket and seal kit.
  • Mercedes oil filter.

This kit is meant to be professionally installed. It is NOT a “do it yourself” kit.

Stage II Valve Body Information:

  • Designed by using a fully operational, test NAG1 that monitored and recorded all clutch pressures, torque converter pressures, and torque converter lock up clutch pressures with a Race Pak.
  • The Stage II modified valve body will increase the NAG1 shift pressures.
  • The more aggressively the NAG1 is driven, the firmer the shift.
  • The downshifts are firmer than stock also, but not to the point of being too harsh.


High Performance NAG1 Transmission Kits are in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

Price: $1,850 + core charge

Call 704 451-6332 for shipping details.

Core charge of $150 will be refunded if rebuildable valve body core is received within 30 days of shipping

Note: Core charge waived for Authorized shops

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